More About Us.


Brian Barkett, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Founder and Managing Member

Dr. Brian Barkett believes that the great mental health challenge of our time is our adaptation to this great technological revolution blowing the winds of change at gale force. This is a new world. The internet is speeding up near everything. People are struggling to keep pace with work and family demands, economic insecurity, and information overload. Our cognitive and emotional resources are under constant pull. Increasing numbers of people are facing overwhelm and/or burnout. He created Better Minds Group to provide shelter from the storm.

Dr. Barkett is a board member for Mental Health & Recovery for Licking and Knox Counties.

He is an Ohio Psychological Association member.

Dr. Barkett is a licensee of the Global Consulting Partnership.


Maureen Barkett

Office and Operations Manager

Maureen Barkett (she likes being called Reen) spent her working career up to now as an accountant and CPA, having worked for Big Six public accounting firms and Fortune 500 companies. Reen, through the pleasant pleadings of her husband, Dr. Barkett, has left the corporate world to join Better Minds Group. We now have her accounting expertise,  business skills, and good company to make the operations side of our enterprise run more smoothly.

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Beth Salzwedel, LISW-S

Licensed Independent Social Worker

Beth Salzwedel, LISW-S has spent the past few decades of her life and career focusing on how to help people do better. Beth combines years of experience with unflagging deep compassion and a life-long commitment to learning. Beth is smart. She is highly skilled. Better yet, Beth is easily approachable and wonderfully down to earth. She came to us intrigued with our use of EMDR and EEG-Biofeedback training as the next frontier in cognitive / emotional healing.  She makes us better by being here.


Rembrandt van der Ploeg


Rembrandt van der Ploeg is one of our webpage designers and technical go-to guys. A Sophomore at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, Remy's computer skills and design talents keep us running in the Age of the Internet. What he helped establish in person he will now assist running remotely. We greatly appreciate his efforts.

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Niki Brown, MSW

Licensed Social Worker 

if you are looking for a therapist who is caring, compassionate, and knows what they are doing, you are looking for Niki Brown.  Niki's experience includes working at a men's homeless shelter, with at-risk youth, and with those suffering issues of grief and loss. She recently earned her Masters in Social Work with a concentration in counseling. She accomplished this while being an involved wife, mother, and community member. Niki, too, was attracted to us because of our use of EMDR and eeg-biofeedback. So, if you are looking for smarts with heart, you have found Niki Brown.