Insurance, Payments, NeurOptimal® Purchase or Rentals

We accept many, but not all, Insurance plans. We are not providers for Medicaid at this time.

Services may be covered full or impart by your health Insurance. Please check your coverage carefully or call your insurance company so you know:

  • Do I have mental health insurance coverage?

  • Is Brian Barkett, Psy.D. dba Better Minds Group a Provider for your policy? (this insurance system is getting so complex, even we are having a hard time keeping up with all the ins and outs)

  • How much is my annual deductible, and has part or all if it been met?

  • What is the coverage amount per session that is covered by insurance?

  • How much is my copay per session?

  • Who is my employer insurance benefit contact person (if applicable)?

NeurOptimal® Neurotherapy or brain-trainer eeg-biofeedback

Our experience is insurance does not cover eeg-biofeedback, Our private pay rates are:

  • $85.00 per session

  • $700.00 for a block of 10 sessions

How many sessions will you need? Click below:

Talk to us About Buying or Renting a NeurOptimal® Professional or Home Unit: All the Benefits of NeurOptimal® for Your Office or Home!

If you are too busy, are too far to drive for regular training, or you have a professional need opportunity, consider buying or renting a NeurOptimal® Professional or Personal Training System. Train in the convenience or your office or home. We teach you how to use it. It's easy! It's amazing! And it is affordable!

Call us at 740-587-1543 to learn how!



Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted forms of payment.

  • We accept Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards.

Cancellation Policy

We need at least 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment, otherwise we reserve the right to charge you for the session.