All credit for this video goes to the American Arttherapy Association.

Are you seeking healing and growth to live a better life that in your heart you hope or know is possible? Do you struggle with feeling of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, loss, or with navigating life transitions? Have you thought about using therapy to feel better about yourself and to be actively creating the future you want? Are you already working on living a more authentic and meaningful life, and want to use skilled therapeutic support to better address the challenges you face?

Liz Hartz brings 20 years of experience and extensive professional training to help you realize greater emotional well-being and stronger mental health. she combines her training as a board certified, masters level art therapist and as a licensed independent clinical social worker, to help you strengthen your unique positive identity and to develop the skills you need to move your life forward. Rest assured that you do not need artistic talent or experience to benefit from art therapy. Liz guides you to use readily accessible art therapy options that complement meaningful conversations about your concerns. This creates a synergy; catalyzing and developing your inner resources.


Art therapy engages your brain on multiple levels – the sensory, kinesthetic, perceptual, emotional, cognitive, and symbolic. It supports thinking more holistically. It helps create deeper ways of knowing. The process stimulates insight and helps integrate emerging awareness. The brain shifts into a flow state during creativity, one of heightened awareness and deepened relaxation. This creative place is a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious mind, allowing communication between them. It is a bridge between the abstract and the concrete, making thoughts and feelings visible, for processing, integration and transformation. It is a bridge between what is and what is becoming, facilitating growth

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Liz has helped people with a variety of mental health concerns and continues to do so. She has become especially focused on helping people with dysthymia, a long-lasting form of low-grade depression, with healing self- esteem issues, and developing a resilient, positive identity. She aso specializes in treating adjustment disorders, helping resolve the stress of significant life change, transition and loss. She is here to help you transform and thrive as you live forward.

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Art therapy can take people where words alone cannot. People largely think in pictures. We mostly dream in pictures. We thought in pictures before we had language. The human brain has a strong visual dominance. Images have a special power to express, to hold meaning, and to communicate with others. This makes art therapy effective for everyone. And it can be especially valuable when dealing with problems that are not encoded in the brain in words, such as trauma and pre-verbal experiences.

In her personal and professional experience, Liz continues to be amazed at the power of art therapy to expand self-awareness, activate the healing life force, regulate emotions, and strengthen positive functioning. The creative process is empowering. It promotes individuation. It is both calming and uplifting. It is a safe space for exploration and rehearsal of new ways of being. It expands and anchors your emerging wisdom

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Life challenges us to evolve. Liz has pursued many tools and approaches to support this journey. Relaxation skills, mindfulness, self-compassion and positive psychology principles are important resources Liz can help you incorporate into your life. Developing a strong resiliency narrative, clarifying values, and overcoming dysfunctional beliefs and thinking patterns are others. She has training in sand tray and soul collage. All of these can interface with the art therapy process. Liz also utilizes neuroscience principles to support change and enhance integration of growth. She will work with you to develop a customized approach that best meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.


“Love Called Him Like a River”

To get a feel for what Art Therapy is and can do to deepen and enrich the lives of those who engage in it (including you), please watch this moving tribute to Don Jones, one of the founders of the American Arttherapy Association. Don was a life-long artist, inspiring teacher, dedicated therapist, and muse to many, many people, including Liz. He spent part of his career working in Columbus, Ohio.

“Love Called Him Like a River.” All credit for this video goes to the American Arttherapy Assoociation.