Train your brain with NeurOptimal at home?

All credit for this video goes to the NeurOptimal Channel

Wouldn't it be nice to train your brain, or the brain of a loved one,  in the comfort and convenience of your home? Wouldn't it be nice to train on your schedule? And wouldn't be nice to train more than one family member in a way that is less expensive than training in our office?

Rent a NeurOptimal Personal Trainer. Use it at your time, place, and pace. Renting is a better value.  The per cost unit is $40 per session compared to $80 per individual session (or $70 per session when purchased in blocks of ten sessions).   Rentals begin at three months. Each month gives you 20 sessions, more than enough for up to five training sessions per week. 

This is a great option if you need to train more often than once or twice a week, if you want to train more than one person in your household, or if you live beyond a convenient driving distance from our office.  

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