Families Don't Come with a Manual 


We're here to help build love, cooperation, and resilience

We do more than train brains. We train people and we train families. We know that behaviors occur in context. We start by analyzing the family system in which behavior occurs.

Few of us come from superb families. We learn the good and the bad and pass at least some of the bad on to our children. And sometimes, despite our best intentions and efforts, things go heartbreakingly wrong.

"I failed a lot of my classes before NeurOptimal®. I used to have severe panic attacks and more severe depression. My doctor prescribed medication which wasn't working. Now I'm way less hyperactive. I have straight A's now. My depression is virtually gone. My anxiety is really low. I'm way more social now and more of a leader. I cut my hair."

Often, the person who is sitting in our chair is struggling due to the non-realized over-reactions of someone else. One parent's chronic frustrations are another child's unhappy living conditions. One child's out of control behavior is another parent's chronic exhaustion. Over time, reactions and over-reactions spin out of control and no one remembers how to win.